[Your chance To Make More Cash] The complete CPA Guide to $500 a day!

This book currently selling at $49 per copy. It’s worth a lot and I recommend it only if you have experience with CPA and can tweak it a bit. This method is just a BONUS that I’ve decided to give you guys, if you can tweak it or want to learn some stuff then make sure to check it out!
The methods in this report are those of the easiest and profitable CPA method you’ll ever come across.
To implement the following methods you don’t need to:
* Create any product
* Work more than 45 minutes a day.
* Create a website
* Invest. You don’t need to spend any money on advertising or on anything at all. All you need is this report.
* Create media
* Do SEO
* Generate Sales
The list is endless of things you don’t require. In short this CPA method is by far one of the most beneficial ways of making money. It may be challenging at first, but once you make it, you’ll know the method like the back of your hand.
All you require is less than one hours work a day and you can start earning some $$ straight away.


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Maximize your earnings with PPD/CPA viral Scripts.
These Scripts Helps you To Go Via Viral, All You Need is To Have minimum Knowledge of Applying The Widget Code in the script and know get FB app id ,If you These You Can Earn simply $100 without any efforts.
I am going to share a pack of 15 viral scripts which you can use in CPA (content locking) or PPD. These scripts are made for the ever-green and hot PPD niches. These scripts are money making machines. I managed to earn $2000 in one week by just using one script from the pack.
Having a good landing page is very important if you want to get some real results. A bad landing page is directly related to low conversions and then low earnings. People will prefer to download something from a good looking site than a simple blogspot blog with a simple template. It is very important to have different landing pages for each niche.
These scripts are basically related to game CD Keys and in-game currency giveaways. All the important niches are being covered like GTA V beta key script, PSN code script, Microsoft points script etc.
CPA/PPD Viral Scripts Pack
Here are The Scripts:
1. Free Roit Codes
2. Facebook Share Script
3. Download Page Template
4. Xbox Live
5. Roit Codes |V.2.0|
6.Battlefield 3
7.Halo 4
9.Call Of Duty MW3
10.PSN Codes
11.Skyrim Beta
12.League of Legends Viral
13.GTA:5 (Resistance)
14.Facebook Password Hack Fake Script
15.[Hot]PPD Niche Giveaway With Website – Unsaturated New 2013
You will get all of the 15 scripts in the pack. In the list, the GTA V CD Key script was the script which made me $2000 in one week. The potential of this niche is unlimited. The game is still not released and people will do anything to get their hands on the beta CD Key.
How to Use:
You will need a domain and a hosting account. Just upload the files to your server and remember to change the links to your PPD or link locker link. Most of the scripts includes a viral step like “Press like” to unlock the download and “share our site on Facebook” to ensure a never ending flow of free traffic to your site. So also change the Facebook page link and other stuff too.
How To Get : Because i have worked too hard to get (Filled Too much Surveys) one script per survey, iam going to give you these 15 PPD/CPA pack with just one survey to filled by you. isn’t this good. atleast me also want to earn some extra.

Simple Adsense Plugin Gets Results In Days – Finally A Fast Way To Make Money

Simple Adsense Plugin Gets Results In Days – Finally A Fast Way To Make Money With Adsense!I have not done this before I am still learning how to share so, please let me know if this is correct or not.“The FastSense System”

Learn How I Create Small Adsense Sites That Return 10% – 20% CTR On Adsense Ads Everyday Using My Custom Developed “Simple But Effective” WordPress Plugin“I’ll Show You The Exact Type Of Sites To Create AND Give You The Effective Little WordPress Plugin I Personally Developed That Guarantees Adsense Clicks Everyday!”
Hello Warriors (and everybody struggling to make money with Adsense!)Who Cares About Just 3 Bucks A Day?If I told you I had found a fool-proof way to make $3 a day everyday from Adsense sites in super fast time, you’d probably think, hmmm that’s ok, but $90 a month is not that impressive and not a whole lot of money!

Now who Cares About $9000 A Month?

But what if I told you that you could take a simple, proven $3 – $5 a day method and make $900 a month passive income, every month with just 10 sites … that’s $9000 a month with 100 sites by the way!

And that each site would take just hours to create instead of the months of tedious toil and effort put into authority/niche Adsense sites that most often don’t pay!

That’s kinda different, right?

It sure is! But let’s not scoff at those 3 bucks a day and get all weak dreaming of $9000 a month.

Sure $9000 looks more impressive but if I said to you today….

… go make a regular $9000 a month in 12 weeks from Adsense, could you do it?

No, probably not! You’d likely create a massive authority site and get bogged down in article writing and SEOand see cents instead of dollars in your Adsense account!

And if I said to you today,

… go make 3 bucks a day from Adsense by the end of next week, could you do it?

The answer is absolutely yes you could, using just the method I show you in this WSO!
And of course, everybody knows that if you can make $3 a day, you can make $9000 a month, once you’ve got a system that can be easily replicated and scaled

And That’s Exactly What This WSO Is All About.

I’m showing you the fastest, easiest way to $3 a day everyday with Adsense.

I’m showing you a method that scales rapidly and infinitely so $3 a day can easily become $30 a day, even $300 a day!

And …

I’m providing you with the WordPress plugin and system that will make it happen for you!

How far you scale this system is up to you (my motto is you get back what you put in!)

So ….

Let’s See What Some Follow Through Can Achieve!

Remember $3 a day is more than achievable with FastSense and therefore these are not pie in the sky figures!

These are numbers waiting to make their way to you bank account!
1 site – $90 per month – C’mon, who has just one AdSense site?

10 sites – $900 per month – A week’s work (at most) working part time using the FastSense System?

30 sites – $2700 per month .. Now it’s interesting!

100 sites – $9000 per month … A more than achievable goal for those who are dedicated!

Remember the type of Adsense sites I’m talking about make money EVERY SINGLE DAY!

So What Is The FastSense System?
The FastSense System is a configuration and particular type of content site that I create with little time or effort to make a minimum of $3 – $5 a day passively from Adsense.

It doesn’t requires any investment in article writing or huge amounts of time.

It’s far simpler than all that!

In fact, it requires just one simple SEO strategy that you will take you minutes to implement.

How The FastSense System Works
It works by focusing on a particular type of content that appeals to visitors and using a simple plugin I developed to produce amazing CTR’s, which mean even a site with minimal traffic earns money everyday.

Where’s The Proof?
Here’s an example of the consistent and regular CTR’s you’ll get using this plugin!

This ad unit started receiving up to 9 clicks a day from one Ad block on just one site within a day of adding my simple little WordPress plugin to the site.

And CTR rates of up to 12% average means FastSense sites make money without you having to toil endlessly at getting traffic!

This particular site gets just 50 daily visitors on average!

FastSense sites convert at rates far higher than typical AdSense sites and so make money from even the smallest amount of visitors.

And all because of one simple little strategy I use.

So in other words, these are super fast sites to setup that easily pick up traffic themselves and convert that traffic to clicks at rates that would make hard working AdSenser’s eyes pop, thereby making money daily!

What You’ll Learn From The FastSense System
1. The exact type of content sites I produce (this is important for the ‘no-effort’ traffic!)
2. The exact plugins I use
3. The one and only SEO method I use.
4. The exact placement of Google AdSense ad blocks to ensure a minimum daily payout of $3 – $5

What You’ll Get In The FastSense System
1. An 18 page no BS PDF that tells you the exact type of content sites I create and exactly how to set them up, including the free theme I use.

2. The tiny but highly effective WordPress plugin I developed that will safely generate 10%– 20% CTR on your Adsense ads

What You Won’t Have To Do Any Longer!
1. Spend hours writing keyword optimized articles
2. Hire freelancers (because you don’t want to spend hours writing keyword optimized articles)
3. Hang around in articles spinners/submitters for 10 hours getting dizzier by the minute.
4. Spend time creating complicated link wheels for SEO juice.
5. Pray that your CTR rises above 0.01%
6. Wait 3 years to reach minimum payout!

What You Will Have To Do From Now On!
1. Spend a 2-4 hours a day for approx. 6 days creating each site (that’s with 10 sites as the objective or $900 a month!)
2. Login to your AdSense account
3. See your earnings increase with each site you create
4. Get off your chair and do a victory dance.
5. Create another 10 sites (until you reach 100!)

Now, It’s Time To Buy!

You’ll Receive A PDF Site Setup Tutorial + A WordPress Plugin
Your items will be download directly after purchase in a members area!


[GET] Mari Smith and Dennies Yu – Facebook Marketing Success System

Facebook Marketing Success System
Mari Smith and Dennies Yu – FacebookMarketing Success System
INSTANT ACCESS to the Replay Video, Slides and Session Guide +
Support in the active Facebook Group
Your Facebook Foundation – How To Have A ROCK SOLID Facebook Marketing Strategy, Focused on Quality Content
Facebook is an amplification of all your other marketing efforts; it’snot a panacea. In this first Module, we’ll help you get crystal clarity on your goals. What specific business objectives do you want to accomplish? Generate leads, phone calls, awareness, email subscriptions.
This will be a critical component as we go in to Module #2. We need to know which metrics you want to quantifiably increase so we can help you get the most out of all the following Modules!
Facebook Page basics: design, features, optional tabs, plus SEO.
Content strategy, including your posting cadence, frequency, timing, length and type.
What content is optimal for maximum organic reach?
“Cheat sheet” with all Facebook ad formats.
INSTANT ACCESS to the Replay Video, Slides and Session Guide +
Support in the active Facebook Group
Introduction to Social Amplification Engine – Dennis and Mari’s Proven Approach to Facebook Marketing Success
This is “STRATEGY”, as we see it — the framework we put in place before we start on various tactics. The 5 stages within the engine are the same, but specific tactics are different by business objectives (module #1).
Why people love you: the emotional part. Our experience is that businesses large and small get stumped here. Most businesses state what they do from a mechanical standpoint, as opposed to WHY people love them and WHY they would feel compelled to share the company’s story. If you don’t consider this point in advance of the session, you’ll fall behind in the rest of the sequence.
Content – the key here is to focus on listening to and interacting with your customers, not hiding behind a tool or blasting marketing messages.
Audience response – we focus on how you can easily get the fans to do the work for you — to generate content.
Amplification via ads
INSTANT ACCESS to the Replay Video, Slides and Session Guide +
Support in the active Facebook Group
Demographic + Audience Research: Learn How To Identify the EXACT People You Want To Reach At the Lowest Cost!
How to conduct competitive research analysis by studying likes on any page, conducting graph searches, creating a social affinity grid, and using cross-channel tools.
Introduction to the 4 conceptual types of targeting.
Exactly what to do to narrow down your criteria and increase your criteria – and the purpose of both.
Discussion of budget estimation.
Now we’re ready to load up your ads in sequence!
INSTANT ACCESS to the Replay Video, Slides and Session Guide +
Support in the active Facebook Group
Designing and Placing An Ad Sequence: Step by Step Instructions On How To Create The 3 Types of Ad Campaigns That Get Results Every Time
How to reach more fans via Page Post Ads.
Page post link ad + retargeting (FBX and Google).
Creative ways to reach the EXACT targets you want (note, there are several “outside the box” targets here that will significantly set you apart from others).
Using Facebook ads to drive email collection so you can build your list consistently.
How to drive your email marketing back into Facebook.
INSTANT ACCESS to the Replay Video, Slides and Session Guide +
Support in the active Facebook Group
Understanding Power Editor: Facebook’s Secret Weapon! Master This Tool And You’ll Open The Floodgates To More Profits From Your Facebook Marketing Efforts!
How to make best use of Custom Audiences. (This is where you can upload your own email list and then place Facebook ads to reach more of your existing audience).
Review to loop back to the business objectives from Module #1, as they tie to tactics.
Demystifying key features in Power Editor – what to focus on and what to ignore.
Demo of sample ads from scratch.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
INSTANT ACCESS to the Replay Video, Slides and Session Guide +
Support in the active Facebook Group
Hands-on Facebook Ads Clinic: Watch Over Dennis and Mari’s Shoulders While Participants Get Ad Campaigns Critiqued and Improved in the “Hotseat!”
Hands-on module for 5 lucky winners!
Attendees get to be in the virtual “Hotseat” to have their content strategy and ad campaigns reviewed and improved by Dennis and Mari.
Everyone benefits from this Clinic, whether in the Hotseat or not.
Everyone takes away key distinctions that are immediately actionable in his/her own campaigns.
You get to learn from REAL live examples and case studies!
Just one small tweak can make the world of difference to your conversion rate and profit margins!
INSTANT ACCESS to the Replay Video, Slides and Session Guide +
Support in the active Facebook Group
Tracking and Measuring The RIGHT Numbers: Demystifying the “Geek speak” Metrics and Knowing What To Focus on For Real Results
What metrics you need to focus on for optimal results
What metrics to ignore
Understanding how to set and measure your own KPIs (key performance metrics)
Glossary of terms.
Analytics is not about generating reports (unless it’s an agency or consultant), but about troubleshooting what to optimize next to get more of what’s good and less of what’s bad. If your business metric is not increasing sufficiently, it’s either an issue of content, targeting, or conversion.
20% of the work is Modules #1-5. The real work is the many cycles of testing and iterating. But, you have to lay the solid foundation in Modules #1-5 or you won’t get the best results.
– Advanced Optimization – Power Techniques To Get Much More Out Of Your Advertising Budget
INSTANT ACCESS to the Replay Video, Slides and Session Guide +
Support in the active Facebook Group
Now, we’ll dive into creative ways to stand out in the news feed and reach an even wider audience but still remain highly targeted.
How to get a job or put the spotlight on poor customer service — with examples galore.
Content recycling — how to get maximum mileage out of every piece of content
Black hat techniques– what to avoid!
– Proven Lead Generation: How To Tie Everything Together And Create A Solid “Lead Gen Machine!”
INSTANT ACCESS to the Replay Video, Slides and Session Guide +
Support in the active Facebook Group
Troubleshooting; getting over plateaus of your fan growth, lead generation, and ad response
Agency training materials
Budget planning and ROI calculators
Using third party outsource sites to scale out responses and clever content
Sales Page: