Let’s explore what makes SEMRUSH such an amazing SEO tool & a favorite among millions of users.

SEMRUSH makes it really easy to find what keyword your site (or any other site) is ranking for. In short, it makes keyword research a piece of cake.

Once you are done doing keyword research, you can add keywords & track their positions in all major search engines based on geographical location.

I emphasize the geographical location feature as it’s important for those who target specific countries like Spain, the U.K, Australia, India, the U.S., etc. For a global blogger, you can also use this feature to see how your site ranks in specific countries’ search engines.

It is an essential SEM (search engine marketing) tool that I believe every serious blogger and internet marketer should have in their SEO tool arsenal.

SEMRUSH is a product from the maker of SEOQuake, a popular SEO addon for Firefox.

At the time of this writing, SEMRUSH has:

more than 46,000,000 domains and
more than 120,000,000 keywords in their database.
SEMRUSH will allow you to find all of the keywords for which any existing web page on the internet is ranking. You can also find more statistical details regarding specific keywords and related keywords which you can rank for.

Position Tracking
Monitor your national, regional and local search engine positions for any keyword, domain or URL

Site Audit
Check up your website’s SEO health to spot and fix issues related to crawlability, content, links, coding and much more

SEO Ideas
Get fresh optimization ideas on how to rocket your landing pages to the top of SERP by utilizing your online rivals’ best SEO tactics

Social Media Tool
Get insights into your competitors’ social media profiles and track the progress of your own SMM campaigns

Organic Research
See your online rivals’ best keywords, discover new organic competitors and track position changes of domains

Advertising Research
Uncover your online rivals’ ad strategies and budget, study their ad copies and keywords

Keyword Research
Run a thorough keyword research and give your SEO content strategy and PPC effort a significant boost

Run a deep link analysis, find out the referring domains’ authority and get detailed data on your and your competitors’ backlinks

Backlink Audit Tool
Discover and disavow toxic backlinks before Google penalizes you. Keep your backlink profile clean with regular recrawls

My Reports
Create and schedule fully customizable PDF reports. Share and schedule your reports to go out on a regular basis

Organic Traffic Insights
Unlock the ‘not provided’ keywords, merge Analytics and Search Console data and analyze keyword potential

Display Advertising
Get every detail behind your competitors’ display ads published for various devices

Video Advertising Research
Research the video advertising market and learn how to make money with your videos!

Product Listing Ads
Get insights into your competitors’ product feeds and see their best-performing Product Listing Ads

Keyword Difficulty
Estimate how difficult it would be to win organic search positions for a particular keyword from your competitors

Domain vs. Domain
Run a quick yet detailed competitive analysis of up to 5 domains and visualize your results instantly

Brand Monitoring
Turn the tide of public opinion in your favor by tracking online mentions of your product, brand or service


[GET] Backlink Booster Cracked Full Working Version

Backlink Booster™ is a powerful technology that
automatically increases the power of the backlinks to your website.
It’s both a backlink indexer to get your backlinks indexed faster, and
also a backlink booster to help boost the amount of link juice each of
your backlinks sends to your website.

You get the following benefits when you use Backlink Booster™ :

Rank Higher in Search Engines

Search engines use backlinks as the primary factor in ranking websites. And high rankings in search results depend upon two things: the overall number of links you have, and the quality of each link.

As a general rule, the more links you
have pointing to your website and the more powerful each one of those
links is, the higher your site will rank in search results for the
keywords used in those backlinks.

Backlink Booster™ increases your backlink indexation rate
by getting more of your links indexed by the search engines. Then, it
boosts the power of those backlinks so each backlink sends more link
juice to your site. Combined, this helps your website dramatically climb
up search results for your most valuable keywords.

[GET] Business Directory Extractor Cracked


Business Directory Extractor by SilentProject™ Softwares is a simple
application yet powerful enough to extract and export yellow pages
It will help you build your own high quality business
directory, local business directory, niche directory, business review
sites, gather sales leads and even build you’re contact list.

Easily Extract data from Yellow Pages website such as business
name, address, city, state, zip code or postal code, phone number,
alternate phone, map coordinates, categories, website URL, and email
address (if available)

Fast and can scrape thousands of listings in minutes!
Easily remove duplicate listings
GEO Map Coordinates included with your scrapes
Listing Export – export your extracted listings to various formats including CSV, TSV (tab-delimited) and TXT files.
Proxy support to avoid getting your IP temporary blocked by Yellow Pages website
Extract Email Address – can extract email address on detail page (if available)

[GET] Backlink Topia Pro Cracked – Doc Marketing Tool

Description :

What makes Google number one is their goal to give their user the best online experience whenever they are searching for a certain keyword phrase. Google has recently launched a program that would make this possible and this is called the Google Panda.
There were a lot of website who suffered from this. A lot of websites has sunk from their top ranks. Do you have a niche website? Do you want to successfully promote it and rank on top of Google? Well here is the secret…the key to rank on Google is backlinks.
Backlinks are keywords with anchor links that goes back to your page.
The links where these articles are pointing out to should have really good quality content so that the traffic that you are taking in would not be a waste.
However, looking for backlinks and building one is a pain. You really need to spend or invest a lot of time with doing it and you could also get disappointed when your way of building traffic is not working.
Google loves backlinks if you try to check your numbers 1-10 competitor on the first page of Google, you will see that they have a big number of backlinks and good chosen keywords with high quality traffic. If you try to observe it carefully, you will see that Google loves backlinks.
Therefore, the best way to rank on Google is through building high quality backlinks.Backlink Topia is the answer to that dilemma.

This software helps you build links in autopilot. You just need to input the keywords and the url of your website. Then the software will do the blog research with high PR links. The PR Links would range 6-8and to have your links with this websites would be a huge additional points for you to get your website indexed on top.
Clint Faber the creator of Backlink Topia has helped us create backlinks in an easy way. You will have more time to build more niches rather than spending too much time monetizing your site and nothing is happening.

Here are the “nuts and bolts” of what happens behind the scenes…
You specify keyword/s of your choice so Backlinktopia only digs out RELATED articles in your niche
Backlinktopia will search your articles for the keyword/s you specified earlier (I’ve provided thousands of pre-written articles for you – you can use your own too)

It will then insert your anchor text with keyword to a URL of your choice
Backlinktopia automatically converts the articles to PDF, then uploads it to different document sharing sites
This is where the magic happens – your links in the PDF get indexed in Google and in turn, boost your own site rankings!

Anyway, here’s what’s possible when you get your hands on it today…
Step by step video training to show you how it works… I’ll walk you through the exact steps to get this state of the art tool to automatically build you backlinks on complete autopilot…
“ Ready made” package of articles you can use to instantly transform into PDF’s… ready to upload onto high traffic and PR document sharing sites to give you a fast and consistent boost in rankings (and profit)…
“ Train” Backlinktopia to go out and build a link for you from every second to every few days… you have FULL control over how many links you want to build and when… you won’t get “slapped” for having too many go up at the same time (unlike many spammer softwares out there that “shotgun” everything in sight and get banned)…
Personal support system… this isn’t a “hit and run” strategy like many people push online. I’ll be here every step of the way to ensure you’re using Backlinktopia correctly, so if you ever get stuck or need help, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do.

FREE upgrades for version 1 software… my team and I are constantly improving the software – so as we build up the feature base, you get full and complete access to them for a FRACTION of what others will be paying in the future…
Run multiple projects at the same time… if you have several websites, you can quickly configure Backlinktopia to work on them at the same time (rather than having to repeat the process over and over for different sites)…
Specify a single anchor text or multiples. .. simply plug in your keywords, and let Backlinktopia do all the hard, tedious work for you… you’ll start seeing results within just DAYS of using it!
Unlike “spammer” software that internet marketers use, Backlinktopia is 100% ethical and even beneficial to the World Wide Web… you’re simply using a unique traffic source to distribute your content!

Question: Have you ever thought of so many niche markets to tap into … but never got a round to doing even one , because the SEO work required on all of them would be too tedious ?
Backlinktopia makes it as easy as it’s ever going to get… by putting all that slow, boring work on complete autopilot.