[GET] Account Dominator Cracked 2.6.2 – 499$ Software Cracked

The Rich interface helps a user to easily create emails and social media accounts.Now Make accounts at any social media with just a click.

It gives ease of access to end users through its dynamic user interface. This addresses lot of issues which come up during early signup or registration process
Decodes Captchas
Public and Private Proxies
Customize Your Account
E-Mail and Social A/C Creator

[GET] Adsense Goldmine 3.3 Cracked – Create $100/day Adsense Websites For Any Niche In 5 Min

A quick question for you:

Are you tired of grinding it out, making little or no money and throwing your hands up in frustration, day after day?

For a lot of people — that’s the reality of internet marketing.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Let me share a little secret with you…

I have developed a software script that has been working for me for quite a while now…

…stealthily pulling in work-free Adsense clicks while I sleep.

In fact, it’s so copy n’ paste simple, you can profit from it by installing it in less than 5 minutes on any domain and then letting the script work it’s magic.


All you need is a domain name, and my script.

I call this piece of software The Adsense Goldmine Script.

But before we get to that, let’s take a look at some of the results I’ve produced using this copy n’ paste script:

Check Out My Adsense
Earnings Using This Software

here it is — Just one site pulling in an average of $1320,39 per month!

Note: This is only one of my sites that is using this script. Obviously you can use the software I’m going to share with you for an unlimited number of sites — the sky is the limit!

So now that you can see that I know what I’m talking about — let’s talk about what this WSO is all about…

Okay, So What Exactly
Is This All About?

It’s about automated Adsense profits. Period.

You’ll discover just how easy it is to create $1000/month Adsense websites using this script…in the shortest possible amount of time.

So if you can spare a few measly minutes for each site you want to build, you’re golden.

Here’s how it works:

You take a domain, you install the script in 5 minutes or less, you generate traffic using simple methods I’ll show you in the manual and Bingo – your automated Adsense empire is up and running.

The best part?

Once setup, you can leave your Adsense websites pumping out cash on 100% Auto-Pilot!

The process is so straightforward and simple, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to grind out a profit using Adsense without it.

In fact, it’s so much faster and more streamlined than any other Adsense method…

That it’s like comparing a F-1 racecar to a stagecoach!

Give me a moment to show you exactly what I mean…

Watch Me Build A 50 Page Adsense CRUSHING Website In Less Than 5 Minutes!

[GET] Adsense Tracker Cracked | Make More Money From Your Adsense Campains

Running and maintaining a website can be fulfilling, especially if you are generating decent amounts of profit on your website. However, if you are not making any profit from your website, it becomes somewhat frustrating, especially after you’ve done a lot of hard work trying to fill it regularly with high quality informative posts and articles. The truth is that there are lots of people who has this situation and many just end up closing their website altogether. The thing is though, if you want to achieve online success, the first step is by making your website search engine optimized.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process in which you make your website become visible to the web crawlers of search engine programs. When you achieve ranking, it means your website will begin showing on the search results when people make a search for a particular keyword you have targeted. The more significant the search engine algorithm program finds your website, the better search page results your website will get. Of course, we all know that the first page of search results is the most important and most highly coveted.

Getting to page one of Google Search results is actually not impossible as long as you target the right keyword. If you target search phrases that are highly competitive, it is likely that you do not have any chances of achieving good search page results as competitive search phrases are where big-budgeted websites usually compete on. Targeting less competitive search phrases gives you a much better chance of getting your website into first page.

The task of doing SEO is not easy as there are many trade secrets involved in this process. Doing this yourself may not be very fruitful because the ever-demanding changes in search engine algorithms and technology means that what worked before may no longer work nowadays. It is simply much better to hire SEO Companies, like Edmonton Search Engine Optimization Services to do this type of work for you as they know many SEO trade secrets as well as the techniques that work and no longer work.

Through the help of the SEO Company that you have hired, your website will begin to go up the rankings and that you will slowly start to receive decent amounts of traffic going to your website. The best thing about the traffic you are now getting is that many of these people are led to your website because they are searching for something related to the products you are selling, and not like the visitors you get who only click on links shared on social media.

[GET] AdText Generator 2.2.6 Cracked

Successful PPC account managers have to wear many hats. They’re analysts, mathematicians, marketing gurus and creative writers. It can be tough to shift gears so frequently when working in an account. How many times have you thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have an ad text generator to spit out ad creative on command?”

Sure, it would be nice, but it certainly wouldn’t be effective. While we can definitely identify the most critical components that should appear in every PPC ad, building them with a cookie-cutter approach won’t score you those coveted 9 and 10 Quality Scores.

An automated ad created by an ad text generator misses the mark because it doesn’t truly engage the target market. As the expert on your business, you know your ideal prospects inside-out and can develop ads that truly resonate with them.

Sound time consuming? Luckily, WordStream’s Ad Builder can help you create effective ads in just a few minutes. We’ll give you the guidance you need to ensure your ads include all of the important PPC components and follow best practices. All you need to do is craft the language to get your target prospects excited about your product! Let’s dive in to review exactly how it works.

[GET] Ad Trackz Gold 7.0 Cracked – Last Version + Manual

“The Most Comprehensive Industry Leading Ad Tracking Solution That Will Save You Massive Amounts Of Money and Time And Will Increase Your Sales and Ad Responses Exponentially!”

Here’s a quick run down of everything..

Adtrackz Gold can do for you…- Tells you how many people come to your website from each traffic source so you can know with certainty which ad campaigns actually work- Tracks sales, subscriptions, downloads, etc. from each of your traffic sources – don’t just track visitors, track your conversions too- Tracks sales and actions on remote, affiliate websites :)

(No other script can do this!)- Calculates cost per click, cost per sale, and cost per action for each one of your traffic sources so you can see if the return on your investment is worth it.-Tracks which keyword generates the sale in google adwords, overture, or any major ppc engine.- Analyzes and logs your click to sale and click to action conversion ratios!- Calculates your Return on investment, so you can quickly see which traffic sources are making money, and which are not!

– Protects your affiliate sales from commission theft with encrypted html redirect pages! (Works with ANY affiliate program, especially Clickbank)- Automatically Shortens Your Tracking Urls!- Gives you Unique “Bird’s Eye View” of all your traffic sources in Real Time! (you’ll never have to click and load many different pages to get your essential statistics)- Customizes and saves your favorite statistics report so you can login and press one button to check all your statistics!-

Reveals what urls people came from before clicking your ads!- Groups your campaigns by website, type of ad, purpose of campaign, or anything you want–you can easily customize everything so you’ll be able to get the exact information you want fast!- Specify Pay Per Click Analysis for PPC campaigns, or specify Recurring Cost campaigns for any type of payment schedule you like!

- Use sub-Campaigns to fine tune your tracking, down to the tiniest detail!- Built-In Split Tester with exclusive statistics section!- Ability to shorten tracking URLS, and make them look like just another page on your web site (so people won’t even know they’re being tracked).

[GET] All In One Traffic Cracked – 400$

All In One Traffic – Includes 7 types of traffic:

1. YouTube views
2. Google organic traffic
3. Yahoo organic traffic
4. Bing organic traffic.
5. Alexa traffic
6. Multi-Referrers hits
7. Direct traffic (without organic or referrers)

Here are the steps work of organic traffic google, yahoo, bing:

– Automatically delete browsing tracks from previous session (cache and cookies).
– Set a random browser (*user agent), (example: Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc), has included more than 1,000 browsers.
– Set a different operating system, (example: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac Os, etc), has included more than 30 operating system.
– Set a random screen resolution, (exemple: 800×600, 1024×600, 1024×768, 1152×864, 1280×720, 1280×768), has included more than 200 screen resolution.
– Set the various devices (computer, laptop, tablet, phone, gadget)
– Change a new Ip using HMA VPN or Private Proxies, (according with country, region, city targeted by you).
– Detects all internal pages of your website.
– Render operations as a human operator, (exemple: scrolling, mouse movements, click on the page).

[GET] arpReach 1.2.003 Cracked [$395+] – Nulled – Autoresponder & Email Marketing Software

Drive up your delivery rate
With arpReach, we manage the deliverability issue differently from other providers by putting you in complete control of a system that’s designed to drive your delivery rate up, not let it slip away.

Manage delivery inhouse or outsource to multiple providers and make them prove their worth.

Create any number of follow-up autoresponders for multiple websites and add as many messages as you want to be sent over any length of time.

Our simple one-time pricing means you’ll never be charged more because your contact list grows, or you send more email, giving you freedom to run lengthy sales sequences, upsell mailings and training courses.

With no per-message charges and no monthly fees, send unlimited immediate or date/time scheduled mailings to targeted groups of contacts.

Extremely powerful multi-criteria segmentation features let you laser-target your hot prospects.

Includes everything you need to comply with International Spam laws and email marketing best practices.

Including opt-in confirmation, one-click unsubscribe, business address footers and IP address recording for proof of subscription.

Easily segment your contacts using any number of criteria or simply track open and link click rates. Further target responsive (or non-responsive!) contacts with one-click selection.

Segment and target your contacts in infinite ways by creating segments that can have any number of criteria based on a huge number of contact and subscriber information.

Track open rates, bounce rates and link click-throughs and view or export charts and graphs for use in external presentations.

Split-test your messages, right out of the box.

Automatically trigger contact-specific actions in real-time. React to a contact’s interactions when someone triggers an event such as an open or click.

Did they open an email? Tag them as interested. Did they click a report link? Send them that report instantly. Did they express interest in your product? Add them to that product’s sales sequence.

arpReach Active Contact reacts INSTANTLY and QUIETLY as individuals engage with your content. This is micro-segmentation at its best because each contact gets the information they want at the time they want it. Individual contacts define their journey through your funnels in real-time.

Need to import contacts from spreadsheets, CRM or other email marketing systems?

The contact import wizard makes it a breeze.

Do you want them to re-confirm their subscription? You can decide if they need to or not, unlike other providers who require all subscriptions to be re-confirmed.

All contact and other data is stored in your own website’s database giving you full control over this hugely valuable asset.

Backups can be made and stored remotely for added peace of mind.

Our autoresponder and email marketing software has been trusted by thousands of online business owners since 2001.

arpReach has one goal and that’s to build your business on autopilot, and without monthly fees.

[GET] Advanced AddMeFast iMacros Bot – Latest Scripts [Javascript] – Easy To Use


Im sharing my latestcollection of advanced addmefast js scripts.
I coded them myself and i will keep updating them if enough people are interested, if you want any features added let me know and ill try to add them on the next update. I dont see many js imacro scripts shared so hope you guys enjoy.

NOTE: Please make sure to read the text file included and follow the instructions.

AMF Scripts:
AMF-Master (Controls all scripts below)
FB Followers
FB Likes
FB Post Like
FB Post Shares
Google Circles
IG Followers
IG Likes
Myspace Friends
Pinterest Followers
Pinterest Likes
Pinterest Repins
TW Favorites
TW Followers
TW Retweets
YT Likes
YT Subscribe

​FB Unfollow
FB Unlike
IG Unfollow
PT Unfollow
PT Unlike
TW Unfollow
YT Unlike
YT Unsub

Make sure the answer to these 3 questions are (YES):
> Language for all sites are set to English?
> Running latest version of Firefox and Imacros?
> Running latest version of AMF scripts?

[GET] AddWeb Deluxe Edition Cracked

AddWeb’s PageAdvisor will look at your web pages from the perspective of a search engine. It analyzes every element of your pages and generates a search engine positioning score card report. This report tells you everything you need to do to help optimize and boost your site’s position on search engines. It will even score your page against your competitor’s web pages! If you have the Platinum or Professional editions of AddWeb, PageAdvisor will even use live data mining to compare your pages to the top ranking pages on the keywords you choose.

The result of exhaustive
search engine research.
PageAdvisor’s scoring system isn’t just based on published guidelines. It is the result of researching thousands of top ranking web pages on each search engine. Our research continues every day, allowing our scoring data to evolve as changes happen, giving you a powerful edge over your competition. This is the same method that many search engine positioning services use, while charging you thousands of dollars.

PageBuilder™ – Create optimized web pages

The PageBuilder feature allows you to easily implement the advice you receive from PageAdvisor. All key elements of a web page can be easily manipulated through PageBuilder.

Many elements of a web page that affect the ability for a spider to understand the contents are not easy to edit with a standard HTML editor. PageBuilder helps you overcome this problem and save hours of tedious work.

Not just doorway pages
PageBuilder concentrates on helping you make your your existing pages with meta tags and other elements. It helps your entire website get the best positioning possible, without doing things that can get your site banned.

LinkTrader – Trade Links

If you think the best way to get more traffic to your site is by submitting to search engines, think again. The best way to get listed on a search engine is to get ‘naturally’ discovered through existing links to your site on other websites.

Link Trader allows you to create reciprocal link trading relationships with thousands of other AddWeb customers. It is centered around a database of AddWeb users that wish to trade links with other AddWeb users. LinkTrader manages the trade, and helps you maintain and categorize your trades… it will even check to make sure your trading partners are really linking to you!

Build new traffic from other websites, not just search engines!

Intelligent decision-making

Other web-promotion software cannot handle search engine categories or non-standard fields correctly, so they either skip them or make you spend hours of decision making. AddWeb allows you to select one category for your site, and intelligently finds the closest matching category on each engine for your submission. Furthermore, if an engine required special information which is not presented to you on the profile form, AddWeb automatically generates a response to the engine… Others fail or trip, AddWeb gives the sites what they want and need!

SiteStats LIVE™ – Real-time web traffic statistics.

The SiteStats LIVE feature allows you to track your success by providing real-time statistics on your web traffic. Besides showing all the statistics you have come to expect from traffic analysis, it provides an in-depth look at search engine traffic, keywords used and much more.

No need to access bulky log files
SiteStats LIVE does not require access to your log files, so you don’t need to waste time downloading and running an analyzer. Instead, it lets you place a small amount of javascript code on your pages, and our servers do all the work for you!

All registered AddWeb users get FREE SiteStats LIVE service for 6 months, or 60,000 page views, whichever comes first. For pricing, click here

Domain Manager

Search for domains through a double-whois lookup that quickly finds detailed info on just about any domain. When you find domains you like, you can add them to a watch list, and if they are available, you can quickly grab them up.

Keyword Finder

Get suggestions on what keywords to use based on actual searches done on the Internet. Simply enter a keyword that matters to you and get a list of alternate keywords, as well as their popularity.

HTML Editor

Create and Edit web pages with a What You See IS What You Get HTML editor built directly in the AddWeb interface.

HTML Validator

Scan your web pages for errors and problems that may affect how others see it, and how search engines spider your page.

Link Checker

Make sure you have no broken or dead links on your pages.

Submit to Paid Placement Search Engines

More and more search engines charge a fee for high rankings, or to review your site quickly. Now you don’t need to leave the AddWeb interface to work with these engines.

Rank & Submit

AddWeb’s ranking feature integrates with submission, allowing you to skip submission to search engines supported by the ranking feature when your listing is found.


AddWeb is easier to use than ever. Now, wizards will step you through each item in key features.

Amazing Speed!

AddWeb is a fully multiprocessing application, which can submit to as much as 1000 simultaneous posts instead of submitting one by one.

Perfect browser emulation

Many submission solutions simply cannot submit to some search engines because they don’t correctly emulate popular web browsers. Some search engines rely on cookies and specific headers in order to accept a submission. AddWeb supports every technology popular web browsers do, and emulates the browser to the point that a web server cannot differentiate between the two.

AISubmit™ Technology
Our exclusive artificial intelligence submission engine allows AddWeb to learn from search engines. The reason some say that you must submit manually to major engines is because some search engines dynamically change their submission routines. AddWeb can sense many changes, making it the ultimate submission solution.

Rules Checking & Anti Spam Measures

At Cyberspace HQ, we are very concerned with the issue of search engine spamming. Many submission programs and services allow you to do submissions that not only the search engines don’t want, but can actually get your website banned! We understand that many people don’t even know they are breaking search engine rules, and could be penalized for committing an act they didn’t even know was wrong. This is why we have incorporated a comprehensive rules checking scheme in the AddWeb database. AddWeb will help keep you from submitting where you should not submit and when you should not submit. If you are breaking rules when you submit to an engine, AddWeb will skip that site and inform you upon completion exactly why it skipped.

We don’t want to try to beat the search engines by tricking them. Instead, we want them to welcome AddWeb submissions so that your website is a welcome addition.

Extensive Reporting Features

AddWeb’s reporting system is unmatched! The reports can be output to HTML, ASCII and E-Mail. The system reports on all historical data. Ranking reports include charts and graphs that show your ranking trends over time. The PageAdvisor reports show dynamic tips and tricks from our constantly updated knowledgebase. Submission reports, engine reports, and profile reports are incredibly comprehensive.

Multiple Profiles

Allows you to save and load Web Site profiles for later use.

Automated Reciprocal URL Generation

Some promotional resources on the Internet will only index your site if you provide a link to them in return. AddWeb maintains these in the database and allows you to auto-generate a web page with links to such sites to place on your website.

Packed full of Statistics and Historical Data

All over AddWeb you will see counters and information for just about everything we could think of. When did you last submit? How many times have you submitted? How many times has your site been successfully submitted? How many engines are there? What are the rules for a specific engine? How many engines are there that you have never submitted to? The list goes on and on.

Made by experts in the business

There are tons of newcomers in the web promotion industry, everyone saying they will deliver glorious results. AddWeb was among the first, with version 1.0 having been released in 1997. That is over 5 years of experience in producing excellent web promotion software, a lifetime in Internet terms.

A Real Company backing a Real Product!

Face it, in the shareware world you never know what you are getting. When you purchase a product, you need to know who is behind it. The company you purchase from could be nothing more than a high school student in his bedroom on the furthest most reaches of who knows what continent. Cyberspace HQ is a staffed Los Angeles, California based company who has been in the business of making online-software since 1993.
Web Page Importing (Populate)

To further help you save time, AddWeb has a ‘Populate from Page’ feature that allows you specify a web address, or the location of a web page on your hard drive from which AddWeb can automatically pull data. For example, when you set up a website profile, you can specify a web page to look at, and AddWeb will look for meta tags on the page and fill in the title, description and keyword fields from the page. If there are no meta tags on the page, AddWeb will try to generate the information from existing text on the page. This feature is also available in the Page Builder area of AddWeb.

A full year of free data updates

Your purchase comes with a 1-year database update subscription, as well as all minor software updates.

See How You Rank

With AddWeb’s ranking feature, you can do so much more than submit your site! Now you can quickly see how visible you are on the major search engines! Even the ranking feature is maintained by automatic update. This lets us add, remove and fix engine ranking without the need for software updates.

Category Translations

Our Engine will submit to all engines on the list, regardless of category. We will translate your selected category to the closest match on an engine per engine basis.

Easy Engine and Software Updates

New Engines come up all the time and old ones go down. Cyberspace HQ is constantly adding new engines and removing old ones. Every time you run AddWeb, it can automatically check for database updates and new versions of the software. It will even automatically download and install the updates at the click of a button.

Help everywhere you look

We went wild with documentation! We have easy to use tutorials for all major functions – accessible from the main window, context sensitive help, fly-over hints, inline help… you name it.

Engine Filtering

When you are selecting which engines to submit to, there are many ways to filter the engines you want. You can filter by category, by date, by last submission date, by new addition, and even by custom lists.


AddWeb handles everything. Once you click to submit, there is no need for you to enter any engine-specific data.

Multiple Profile Submission

AddWeb allows you to select a LIST of web sites to submit, not just one at a time. The Deluxe version allows you submit 3 websites at the same time. The Platinum version allows 10. The Pro version is unlimited. Keep in mind that with all versions, you may submit AS MANY AS YOU like. This limit is on the number that can be submitted at the same time.