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So how do you make money with solo ads without breaking the bank?
The first thing you need to know is that you need to have a great sales funnel build before you do anything..
Most of the people just throw a squeeze page , and a thank you page and that’s it..WRONG!
You want to be able to monetize those subscribers as soon as they hit your website..sure you can send them follow-ups after that and you can convert them into buyers.. but why not do it just after they go through your squeeze page?
A great sales funnel can bring you back all the money you invested in a solo ad, or at least part of it..
Here is how a sales funnel should be:
Squeeze page if they opt-in then they get send to the OTO page, if not, you add a exit pop on your squeeze page (although this is annoying, trust me it works) and you can send them on a different squeeze page of your own, or you can send them to a Cpa offer, or to an affiliate offer.. it all depends on what you chose.
Once they go to your OTO page, if they buy they get redirected to the download page,or even better you could give them one or two upsells, because they are already in the buying mode..so you can take advantage of this.. and if they don t buy your OTO, you can redirect them to a downsell page.
If they buy from the downsell, then you can go again with upsells like on the previous step, and if they don’t buy it you send them to the Thank you page.
Now in order to monetize the Thank you page, you should have a message like..”thank you for your interest, your free product (whatever you promised them) is being delivered right now to your email, while waiting please check this really great offer..” and then you redirect them to your clickbanking partner/s .
Clickbanking is the way to grow your list if you don’t have money..
Let’s say you receive from solo ads, 100 clicks..you have a squeeze page that coverts to 50% , meaning 50 subscribers to your list.
From those 50 subscribers that will see your OTO, 2 will buy and 48 will go to the thank you page..so you will be able to send 48 clicks to your clickbanking partner, and in return he will send you 48 clicks back, that means another 24 leads for you, and then 24 clicks for partners..and so on..
So from 100 clicks.. instead of having 50 subscribers you now have around 85-90 subscribers!!!! That s a lot trust me..
Also, another mistake some people do,is that they don’t place an op-tin form on the download page of the OTO.. that is the biggest mistake ever!!
You need to know who are your buyers.. because they worth gold to you..
You have to make a separate list for your buyers, apart from your normal subscribers.
Another little known trick, is.. when you send the first follow up to your subscriber.. basically the thank you email along with the free gist, you can also put a link to a paid offer/cpa link/etc in your email.. something like this:
“Hey, thank you for subscribing to my list, here is the download link for the (product name),you should always look out for my emails, as it not uncommon to send free gifts and unadvertised bonuses. Also since you have joined my list i know you are an action taker, and you want to make money as fast as possible, this is why i would suggest to also take a look at this(afflink/paif offer/cpa)…”
Of course this is just an example you can modify it as you wish.. but the point is you can make a lot of money with this simple trick trust me..
Ok, so now you have a funnel setup..let’s make money!
In order to speed things you need to buy some solo ads..just a few hundred clicks, if you don’t have the budget.. although i would said to go for 1000 clicks.. this way using the methods i have shown you you can easily get 7-800 subscribers in your list.
Once you get a decent list size, go and do swaps with other people.. and in the same time use clickbanking.. you should get 2000 subscribers very fast.
Once you hit those 2000 subscribers, you can already send 50-100 clicks.
Try to sell them low first in order to gather testimonials.. and try to go for video testimonials.
Once you gather enough you can build you solo’s sale page and refer people to it, when they will ask for reviews for your service.
Always remember to invest some of the profits back, in keeping your list fresh.
And the last thing..people fail again is the swipes they send..
You don’t have to go intro too many details, but also, you don’t want to be to spammy about it..with fake headlines something like “Notification of payment received” or “you ve just made a sale” .etc because people will unsubscribe very fast from your list and also your email list will become blacklisted on most of the email providers.. and your email will go on spam box!
So this is it.. depending on how much work and money you put in it you can gr from 2-300$ in the first month to 1-3000$.. it all depends on you..and of course once you make money don t forget to scale it to make even more!
I hope you liked my this post , and i ‘m here to help anyone with any questions they may have !

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