[GET] Nuclear Wiki Gangster v2.1

Update! Version 2.1

TimeOut Feature. (10/20/30/40/50/60 seconds. You can set it. So the bot
won’t stop anymore. Just press the start button and get some sleep )

Generate Different Username, Email And Real Name for each registration option. But password will be same.

with 20.000 Wiki Site – Fully Automatic Wiki Poster Tool

Some Features:
Auto generate profile infos.
Spintax support for article
Proxy support
Copy success list, Save success list
Easy access to mass-ping.com or bulkping.com or pingfarm.com
Task log

some times auto-task may stop because of bad urls / bad wiki sites. but generally it will work.

if task log stops, don’t close the software. just press the stop button
and press the start button again, then choose a new url in url list. it
will continue to work.