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Begin Your Own Local Business Review Sites
Gather Phone Numbers for Cold Calling Local Businesses
Gather Phone Numbers and Data for Predictive Dialers, Auto Dialers, Power Dialers, and Call Center Applications
Find Leads and Offer Services to Local Businesses
Provide Your Own Professional Scraping Services
Gather Emails for Email Marketing to Local Businesses
Collect Business Addresses for Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns
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[GET] Ultimate Image Scraper – Cracked & Tested

Ultimate Image Scraper has the ability to search, scrape and rip images directly to your harddrive from over 10 content sources simultaneously & keyword targeted.

Ultimate Image Scraper also allows you to scrape & rip images direct from ANY site you want using the advanced Google Image Search options built into the program including ALL site images or keyword targeted images.

Since they (developer) uses a totally crappy obfuscator (obviously) antivirus programs alert with a false alarm so in case you think it contains a virus use sandbox or simply don’t use it at all.