[GET] Video Effects Press + Video Script Genius

Video Effects Press WP Theme is from Mark Dulisse. It is a great WordPress theme background to create video backgrounds for virtually ANY foreground element and create the most head turning jaw dropping videos that work with the software right out of the box. This product contains 7 demos that will guide you step by step in how to create video backgrounds and the most head turning jaw dropping videos. These all pages are mobile responsive and absolutely easy to follow.



[GET] Zilla’s IP Rotation Script – Exclusive!

Description :

Okay so there was a shitty IP Rotation script that used IP Tables that I had bought for $50 that I had shared on this forum previously. I’ve acquired several different ip rotation scripts and all seemed like they put too much thought into it, which made it not as efficient. I was manually changing my ips one day when it dawned on me to make this very light-weight bash script that will rotate ips for all of you postfix mailers. I’ve been sent several pms about it – so low and behold I will share it with the VIP here only.