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YouTube Masters Course

What do the Korean “Gangnam style” singer Psy, Lady Gaga and Beyonce all have in common?
They all get views, but they don’t get the viewers. Views are fine if you’re a pop star. They brand you. They get your name out there. And they probably get people over to iTunes to buy your tracks. Fine if you’re a pop star, I guess. But you’re not a pop star.
So, in order for you to turn the massive, lost-cost video traffic that’s available on YouTube into real money, you have to get them OFF your video and ON to your list, or it’s just wasted traffic.
And 99% of YouTube video marketers have no systematic way of accomplishing this crucial turnaround.
Enter Ryan Masters. Ryan is not a “video” guy. He’s not some slick LA guy with a video studio and high-tech cameras who wants to show you how to make flashy “Gangnam style” videos.
He’s a Planet Perry guy from way back. A Mastermind Club member. Autoresponder Bootcamp alumni,. Rainmaker,
Alchemist and Maui Seminar participant.
And, like most Planet Perry ninjas, Ryan honed his skills in the school of reality. Ryan sculpted his YouTube traffic muscles by sweating it out in the marketing gym.
That’s right, Ryan honed is YouTube traffic chops in the fitness market, one of the most unforgiving competitive markets on the planet.
Youtube Masters Webinar
This is a 90-min training webinar featuring insights from Youtube experts Ryan Masters and Antonio Centeno. It also includes the Video Creation Checklist, 3 Crucial Questions PDF and bonus Q&A webinar.
What People Are Saying about Ryan
“I would have never imagined
business would have grown 2959% in 4.5 years but
with Ryan’s marketing strategies and PPC
execution we are beyond dominating.” – Russ Snapper, Sunshine Yoga
“Ryan, you did a fabulous job
with this analysis. I especially liked the fact that you mentioned the several
tools you used to justify your decisions. Amazing how companies miss the
basics. I really like your approach and balancing of client resources – I’d be
happy to recommend you.” – Bryan Eisenberg, Market Motive
“Ryan began working with our
non-profit organization in 2010 to increase the visibility of our mission
through the web and social media outlets. Ryan analyzed our web traffic and
developed a plan to improve its appeal and reach. By implementing Ryan’s ideas,
our social media footprint has improved and we now have a greater appreciation
for the power of web marketing.” – Lisa Banks, Fairfax CASA


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People who sell you products on how to make money on YouTube are
doing it all wrong! The key is the YouTube Traffic! – Learn To Get The
Traffic And Everything Else Falls In Place.

You have bought the courses, the videos, the webinars, and everything
else you can think of, but your videos still aren’t getting top
positioning in YouTube and Google.

YouTube “Method” Sellers Have Been Cheating You:

- You haven’t been getting the best positioning because you still aren’t doing it right.

- You aren’t doing it right because you were never given the correct training in the first place.
You didn’t get the correct training in the first place because either
the seller didn’t know, or because he/she didn’t want to share the best
- You need to know the little things that you aren’t
doing, the little things that you have not been trained to identify that
make the difference between no listing and a top position listing in
both Google and YouTube.
- You Need A Complete Method Without The Gap’s That Are Preventing You From Top Positions:

- You need to be able to take a single glance at a video and know within 3 seconds if you can expect to take that position.
You need to know that you are doing it right the first time so that you
neither fail to get your desired positioning nor have to spend time
re-doing your video.
- You need to know what is working and why, and you need to know how to do it without risk.
- Effective video marketing is indeed simple when you have the full story, when you know the whole truth.


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The Smartest YouTube Marketing Software Ever Created. FEATURE SUMMARY
Extremely Fast and Socket Based
Automatic Captcha Breaking
Anonymous. Supports Private HTTP Proxies.
Uniquify Videos On The Fly
Massive Video Uploader
Mass Video Downloader
Fast Video Search
Preview Videos
Automatic Updates
Constant Adding of More Features
Professionally Developed.
Channel Subscription.
Video Like.
Video Commenting.
Video Title Scraping.
Comment Rating.
Recently Added:
User Scraper.
Content Thief.
Mass Messenger.

uses an intelligent direct implementation of C++ sockets thus avoiding
standard webrequest wrappers and the usual web browser slowness you have
experienced with other tools.
The software effectively
communicates directly with youtube servers to avoid any backlog
processing time. We have stripped all bloated and unnecessary work
related tasks and only maintain the useful functions that are beneficial
to you, the internet marketer.
Fact: No one can compete with
the speed of our very own iMU HTTP Socket Technology ™ that was
developed only for the sole purpose of automating internet marketing
YTG is completely
mutlithreaded. It finishes tasks in a matter of minutes. It is
completely capable of logging onto YouTube with thousands of accounts at
the same time. This is commonly known as parallelism in the tech world.

It can accomplish all YouTube tasks such as downloading and
uploading videos in parallel mode. Instead of manually logging and
uploading videos one by one, YTG smartly logs onto accounts at the same
time and does your command quickly and efficiently.
have partnered with the best captcha solving provider – Death By
Captcha. They offer Automatic Captcha Solving if you have a DBC account.

Don’t have a DBC account? You can still manually type the captchas as needed.
YTG Supports Private HTTP Proxies for complete anonymity. YTG Also supports Private authenticated proxies.
Target more search keywords and tags! With YTG, you can upload the same video multiple times in the same account.
tricks YouTube into thinking that the video is unique by adding random
bytes to it’s file size thus bypassing the “same content filter”.
Upload thousands of videos in a matter of minutes with YTG’s Massive video uploader.
Scrape thousands of videos in seconds.
Genius is constantly updated with new features that paid users like
yourself have requested. We take into consideration all the best and
current YouTube money making methods and incorporate it into this tool
to provide you with the best robust and dynamic video marketing tool
Unlike other
second rate YT tools you can find elsewhere, YouTube Genius has been
professionally developed by a small team of professional programmers.

Because you’ll be dealing with an actual registered company rather
than an indie developer, you can expect quality support and dedicated
performance from all our releases that you cannot find anywhere else.

We do not abandon a project. We do not quit at half time.
iMarketing Universe is here to stay.