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ReviewAZON Pro makes building Amazon Affiliate web sites easy with lots of time saving features. If you are currently using the “old” way of integrating Amazon products into your site, you will appreciate just how quickly ReviewAZON Pro lets you get things done, FAST!

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[Image: ANSF-eBook-Cover.png]

Here is another VIP exclusive share…. the reason i am sharing it here in the VIP section is twofold, as always, first this is an ebook being promoted around the internet, like i always ask clients to do, as a way to get leads and this ebook has another purpose, it is also works as a sales tool for the website it is promoting, the services they are selling and products they offer their customers/ clients. the second reason for this share is to show you how a successful black hatter is selling niche wordpress blogs for a base price of $3,000… his only flaw is that he starts so high, but it does work for him. because, even though the base price is $3,000… that is just the starting price is, he averages $7,750 for each niche blog he sells, one word, upsells, each add on is an additional upsell, he focuses on the amazon reseller niche, but i am going to reveal to you what he does not tell you. all the above, making this a VIP worthy share

Please note, there are a few products with this name… this is not them, lol! plus all the names that sound like it, this black hatter took one of those products and created an entire business around it, and you can do it too, and maybe you can do it better, and make more money! some of his niche sites sell for $12,000 or more… this includes additional services offered, and on-going payments so the money does not stop there. he also has a side business of create websites for people, and they do not know about this sideline business he has in this niche… but here is what he does not tell you, like me, he creates a lot of niche websites to make money for himself, for some people one website is not enough, why settle for one revenue source when you can have two? or three? or ten? or more? like many of us, we create a website, and that website is not making us enough money to pay our bills, for example, for me, if the website is not producing $1,000 a month after a year, i sell it! period! not worth my time or effort to keep it up, i know people and have clients who even have a higher sales threshold than i do. to each his/ her own… so this guy, unknown to his clients is often selling them one of his lesser producing niche websites, i do not know his sales threshold, so it all depends, you are paying for what he is offering nothing more, nobody can guarantee a certain amount of sales, or anything like that so buyer beware! yes, some he creates from the ground up, if he has a client that has paid him big money to get it started, and every few months he contacts his customers and offers addition services for a higher than normal price, if they paid him $10,000 for a website they are more than likely to pay him more to ‘make it work’ and ‘make more income’ for the owner!

As i always say, he can do it, i can do it, so can you, we just don’t do it exactly the way he does, like i already said, he starts his sales process at $3,000 and goes up form there, many internet marketers have high priced upsells, but they start smaller… just like vegas, or any business, you make your most money from the small fry, the little fish, but you treat your whales a lot better and offer them special services, extras, vip treatment. etc

There it is, you know how the big guys do it, now it is your turn!