[GET] AlexaMaster Hidden Viewer – Alexa Auto Surfer Cracked

Why use this bot?

It will restart your browser(s) every half hour avoiding many open tabs caused by any given ad having errors on it’s page. Use for both AlexaMaster.net and AlexaSurfing.com. Has two (more than 2 slows most systems down to much) built in browsers that use proxies. FYI, installing proxy ad-dons to Fire Fox or Chrome is another way to get a proxy IP.

So you get a bot that will
maximize your earnings by avoiding the pitfalls of using just your browser.
When using your normal browser you will have errors.
When left unattended will not earn any points at all
making it difficult and time consuming to earn points.
Which means less money and longer time periods between payouts.

Sales on Alexa Surfer will be far and few inbetween.
The only way to get a discount will be through sharing.
For Windows, Linux Not Supported

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