Cpy-Skidrow.com & Up-Courses.com – A New Kind Of Online Scam – Beware! Real Review

Cpy-Skidrow.com & Up-Courses.com – A New Kind Of Online Scam – Beware! Real Review

It has been brought to our attention of a new kind of ongoing scam, run by the same owner of both Cpy-Skidrow and Up-Courses.

Those website promote hundreds of high-end courses, exclusive softwares and hard-to-get scripts & templates via a non-existant VIP membership. They invite you to pay only via cryptocurrencies, and once you send them the required amount, they stop answering you and vanish with your stolen money.

They also will never be able to provide you with a video screen or recording of the content of the advertised product (i.e. course), because they simply don’t have it. Many people starting to complain online, on Trustpilot, Reddit or even Sitejabber.


On Trustpilot, the owner of CpySkidrow found out that people started to reveal his scam, he thus decided to write fake reviews on his own profile, but Trustpilot’s algorithms quickly identified his reviews as being fake and non authentic, deleting them. You can now see that only real negative reviews based on a geniuine experience remain to tell the truth.

Cpy-skidrow ‘s owner is also the owner of Up-courses.com and Coursesdownload.net fake website, both three based on the same scam-scheme and the same WordPress theme. They use an automatic pluggin to copy/paste articles from real other GB/courses-sharing websites to automatically fill their content, you can even see the logo of another website called Greyhatmafia, which appears on the 3 websites. This proves once again that the owner is just trying to make money on your back, while stealing and never answering your concerns after you find out that you have been scammed.

Never send any money to Cpy-Skidrow.com , Up-courses.com or Coursesdownload.net otherwise you will just end with a loss of money on your account..

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3 Comments on Cpy-Skidrow.com & Up-Courses.com – A New Kind Of Online Scam – Beware! Real Review

  1. Also wsocourse.com is a scam site! I paid for a membership without any account activation.

  2. Also, people should be aware of edollarearn.com. I paid for a Lifetime Subscription for unlimited access to their VIP courses. After two weeks and downloading only 5 courses I was locked out from downloading any more and they wouldn’t give me a plausible reason why. Luckily, the Lifetime Subscription was under $20 so it didn’t hurt my wallet too much!

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