Linked Leads Accelerator 2.0 By Brian Downard – Free Download

Linked Leads Accelerator 2.0 By Brian Downard – Free Download

How To Go From Random Opportunities To A Systemized Client Generating Machine – And Gain An Instant Edge Using The O.P.E.N. Technique
This program is specific…
We include the exact steps you need. All of my best tools, templates, benchmarks and beginner to advanced tactics.
This program is rapid…
We’ll get everything setup in 30 days with materials you can apply right away.
How It Works…
MODULE 1- Optimized Positioning ($1,997 Value)
How to position yourself and stand out from others when it feels like LinkedIn is already saturated
Create a high ticket, irresistible offer and laser-focused niche
ID your perfect (high-value) clients that you enjoy working with and genuinely care about
Restructure your offer at a better price point to make it easer to hit your income goals
How to use “authority accelerators” to earn trust from prospects instantly
Write profiles that magnetize clients to you
Validate new offers before you waste time on a bad product / market fit
MODULE 2- Prospecting Filters ($1,997 Value)
Finding the RIGHT decision makers in your niche who are active on LinkedIn and how to get on their radar fast
Getting people to actually connect with you without scaring them away
Make sure you’re only speaking with qualified prospects and referral sources so you’re not wasting time with tire kickers
Simple ways to filter out bad leads
Ingredients you need for the perfect outreach script
How to use value-first outreach and prospecting offers to massively increase your response rate
Coming up with a good offer to further the relationship
MODULE 3- Engagement Scaling System ($2,997 Value)
Create opportunities at will by automating outreach so you can have a powerful new lead source that bring you qualified prospects every week without fear of being banned
How to not get discouraged when your messages aren’t getting positive responses + how to optimize and fix them
Where to find quick wins in your current network
How to create overflow of opportunities so you can be picky about who you work with
How to stop getting ignored by people when you do outreach
How to create a simple “SOP” to outsource this to a VA so you’re only speaking with people who want to speak with you
MODULE 4- Nurturing Sales System ($1,997 Value)
Simple, powerful sales strategies that work in 2019 to convert high-value clients quickly. Plus, the systems you need to nurture leads long term.
How to move conversations from the inbox to the phone + the 2-call vs. 1-call close (and when to use them)
How to sell from a position of authority where people convince you why they should work with you instead of the other way around (no high pressure tactics)
Exact high-ticket sales script and objection handling to consistently close more deals
How to stop struggling with follow ups after the initial connection request is sent and stay on top of your opportunities
Create and grow a Facebook community fueled by LinkedIn outreach that only requires a few hours per month to manage
Tracking your success so you can use numbers to work backwards from your income goals

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