The Digital Gangsta By Julie Stoian – Free Download

The Digital Gangsta By Julie Stoian – Free Download

What we can learn from The Digital Gangsta?
This course is a comprehensive 8+ module training program that covers how to bring a business to life online through digital marketing skills + strategies. Theory and practice, plus real life lessons and examples to give us a broad education on the foundations of Digital Marketing. The focus is on systematic strategy and real life practice.
Module 1 – Digital Marker’s Vault.
Module 2 – Brand Development.
Module 3 – Creation of Programs + Offers.
Module 4 – Lead Generation.
Module 5 – Art and Science of Copywriting.
Module 6 – Pre Sale + Launch Process.
Module 7 – Product Development After Launch.
Module 8 – Going Evergreen.
Module 9 – Bonus Content + Social Strategy.
Bonus Course.

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