Video Marketing Blaster PRO 1.47 Cracked – Video Youtube SEO Software Free Download

Video Marketing Blaster PRO 1.47 Cracked – Video Ultimate Video Marketing Youtube SEO Software Free Download Crack

Video Marketing Blaster PRO crack reverses the whole system of YouTube engineering and make your video go ranked higher. Takeover your competition and rank #1 on YouTube without doing any seo job.

It’s the Most Popular SEO software for your YouTube. You can also follow up your competition as to get leads form it.

It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

Step 1
Find Untapped Keywords
VMB will suggest long tail keywords and related keywords for your main niche which you can easily exploit

Step 2
Generate SEO Title/Description
With the click of one button VMB generates your titles/desc/tags stuffed with phrases that contain the best keywords for your niche

Step 3
Upload your video, set the title/description/tags generated using VMB and that’s it!

Follow this easy steps and you will get TOP RANKINGS in any niche!
VMB is taking analyze over 70 ranking signals and will show you exactly what you need to do in order to get top rankings!
The schema from the right shows you the most important ranking factor that YouTube is taking in calculation when they rank a video.

The larger the circle is, the more important that factor is. Try to take all those factors in calculation and you will see that your video will get better rankings.

We spent months uploading and testing different strategies to be able to find the exact balance between those factors. After we found there is not a fixed balance…

You can exploit the schema by hand but it will take hours for one videos because for each niche the balance is a bit different, so you have to apply the schema for the top ranking videos in your niche and find the exact balance and after that you can exploit it!

If you think that is to much work for you, than I have good news…

VMB will give you the exact numbers and ratios with the click of one button!

Video Marketing Blaster Pro – Top YouTube Rankings…

Recently YouTube marketing courses have been everywhere you look. CPA and YouTube, Clickbank and YouTube, basically anyway to drive huge amounts of targeted traffic to wherever you want. Now with all the people jumping on the YouTube marketing systems there may be a little bit of overcrowding so I decided after playing around with my review copy of Video Marketing Blaster Pro that I should leave a review.

After playing around with Video Marketing Blaster Pro I have to say that I am impressed and if I was doing video or YouTube marketing full time then I would definitely buy Video Marketing Blaster Pro. This is the only video marketing software that I have seen that can do everything needed to give you a huge advantage over other video marketers and all the hype around Video Marketing Blaster Pro is worth it. With Video Marketing Blaster Pro in your arsenal you will be able to increase your whole YouTube marketing business.

I would go as far as to say that Video Marketing Blaster Pro is a real game changer for video marketers or even people who want to get into YouTube marketing. Video Marketing Blaster Pro is like the Arbitrage Underdog of YouTube. While playing around with Video Marketing Blaster Pro I released that I could start my YouTube business up again and still be able to work on my current projects, Yes, it will save you that much time!!

So what is Video Marketing Blaster Pro. There a few videos on the sales page that explain exactly what Video Marketing Blaster Pro does but some of the functions are…

Module 1 is a very powerful keyword research tool using something called “Lexical Semantic engine”. This will provide you with unlimited keywords and long tailed keywords. It will also uncover hidden keyword phrases and help you to tap into many niches that you would never have thought about! (I use Google Keyword Planner and Market Samurai but I have to say that I prefer the easy to use system that Video Marketing Blaster Pro has)

Module 2 will uncover 100’s of SEO highly ranked tags, titles and descriptions. No longer do you need to stuff keywords into the description or title, you will have the most SEO optimised video possible and all this is done with one click of a button! (this will save you days of time and you will know that you have got it correct first time)

Module 3 will give you the ability to spy on your competitors and reverse engineer what they have done but with one difference, you will be able to do it better and rank above the competition. Video Marketing Blaster Pro takes into account over 70 ranking factors which unless your competition have Video Marketing Blaster Pro you will out rank them easily.

Module 4 is a super powerful Rank Tracker. As well as being able to track your competition you will be able to with one click check your own videos, find out stats on your views, comments, likes and also Video Marketing Blaster Pro will show you detailed Google rankings so that you can change your specifications to get those first page rankings that will bring you in the big commissions and make your video go viral!

Video Marketing Blaster Pro is in my opinion a tool that any YouTube marketer should seriously consider. Even if you are just thinking about getting into YouTube marketing, Video Marketing Blaster Pro will give you a huge jump straight to the top. Usually when people say that a software is a one click software I always think twice but Video Marketing Blaster Pro really is and much more. I would get Video Marketing Blaster Pro just for the keyword research module / function!

There are a few OTO’s and even though they will help a lot You Do Not Need Them to succeed with Video Marketing Blaster Pro…

OTO 1 is called Video Spin Blaster Pro 2.0 OTO 2 is called Mass Video Blaster Pro 2.0

Video Marketing Blaster Pro is one of the best Softwares I have used in a long time and well worth adding to your Tools.

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