[GET] Dropship Downunder By Klint & Grant Parker – Free Download

Dropship Downunder By Klint & Grant Parker – Free Download

Learn how to build a profitable drop shipping business
in Australia with the Dropship Downunder Course
3 Core Skills You’ll Learn With Dropship Downunder:
#1: How To Find A Profitable Niche
One of the biggest things people tell us they struggle with when starting a drop shipping business is niche selection. So we have really focused on helping you understand what makes a profitable niche.
#2: How To build An Ecommerce Store
Building a great looking but also functional website is key to any ecommerce store’s success. So we have created step-by-step video tutorials on how to build your store from start to finish.
#3: How To Market Your Products Online
When it comes to succeeding in ecommerce, there’s no doubt that one of the most important aspects is the marketing of your products. So we share all our tips and tricks we use to help you succeed.
Course Outline
Module 1. Business Setup
Setting up your drop shipping business in Australia (sole trader).
Lesson 1. How & Where
Module 2. Niche Selection
Lesson 1 – Product Pricing
Lesson 2 – Brand Loyalty
Lesson 3 – Target Market
Lesson 4 – Finding Your Niche
Module 3. Market Research
Lesson 1 – Narrowing Niches
Lesson 2 – Google PLA’S & Text Ads For research
Lesson 3 – Final Niche / Building Master list
Lesson 4 – Varied Google Search Terms
Lesson 5 – Ebay
Lesson 6 – Dropship Directories
Module 4. Store Setup
Lesson 1 – Introduction
Lesson 2 – Shopify explanation and walkthrough
Lesson 3 – Domain Names
Lesson 4 – Theme Download & Install
Lesson 5 – Creating Collections
Lesson 6 – Uploading Products
Lesson 7 – Adding Pages & Blog Posts
Lesson 8 – Creating Menus & Navigations
Lesson 9 – Shopify Settings
Lesson 10 – Theme Customisations
Lesson 11 – Apps
Lesson 12 – Discount Codes
Lesson 13 – Test Orders / Customers / Reports / Google Analytics
Lesson 14 – Email Setup
Lesson 15 – Site Optimising
Module 5. Securing Suppliers
Lesson 1 – Contacting Suppliers / Email
Lesson 2 – Contacting Suppliers / Calling
Lesson 3 – Common Outcomes & Objection Handling
Module 6. Paid Traffic
Lesson 1 – Google shopping (PLA’s)
Lesson 2 – Retargeting (Display and Facebook)
Lesson 3 – Influencer Marketing
Lesson 4 – Gumtree / Trading Post
Module 7. Free Traffic
Lesson 1 – Facebook
Lesson 2 – Free Gumtree Strategy
Module 8. Basic Onsite SEO
Basic Onsite SEO.
Lesson 1 – Onsite SEO
Module 9. Basic Email Marketing
Basic Email Marketing.
Lesson 1 – Email Marketing
Module 10. Moving Forward
Lesson 1 – Authority Blog
Lesson 2 – Community Building
Lesson 3 – Business Mindset
Hi Guys,
Klint & Grant Parker here just thought we would give you a little insight into our background and why you should even listen to a word we say lolol…..
We are Aussie serial entrepreneurs with a background in direct sales and marketing, we went into business for the first time together at the ripe old age of ages of 18 & 20 and after a ton of trial and error in the early years we built a hugely successful marketing company from scratch employing well over 100 people.
Fast forward over 15 years we had got to the point where we had enough of the long hours and constant stress of running a “traditional business” and really wanted a more location independent lifestyle that would allow us to travel and live life on our own terms…..
This is when we decided to transferred all our experience into the online world focusing on the drop shipping model, It gave us the time freedom to work when we wanted, work where we wanted and obviously the funds to replace our income from our “traditional” business…..
So after 4 years of running our online businesses, having built multiple 6 figure eCommerce sites and getting tons of friends and family asking us how we do what we do we decided to share our knowledge and developed the Dropship Downunder course. This is the first drop shipping course of its kind in Australia that shows you step by step exactly how to start you own ecommerce store, we feel it delivers quality content that will help you build your own successful online business.

Our mission is to genuinely help as many fellow Aussies lead the lifestyle of their choosing free from the 9-5 grind and believe the Dropship Downunder course can deliver that, if you have any questions reach out anytime we would love to hear from you.

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